Management Team

Andres Castillo Chief Executive Officer at regis House Inc Miami Florida

Andres Castillo

Chief Executive Officer

Andrés Castillo de la Torriente is the dedicated CEO of Regis House, Inc., a leader in the field of behavioral healthcare. With a strong background in leadership and a deep commitment to making a positive impact, he drives the organization's mission forward. Andrés brings extensive experience and innovative thinking to his role, guiding Regis House, Inc. towards growth and success. His compassionate approach and dedication create a supportive and inclusive environment for clients and staff. Andrés's visionary leadership shapes the landscape of behavioral healthcare, empowering individuals to achieve comprehensive well-being.

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Santiago Kember Clinical Director at regis House Inc Miami Florida

Santiago Kember, LMHC

Clinical Director

Santiago Kember, LMHC, is the dedicated Clinical Director at Regis House, Inc. With extensive experience in mental health, Santiago plays a vital role in providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare services. His leadership has led to the development of effective treatment programs, addressing the diverse needs of the community. Santiago collaborates with a multidisciplinary team, designing personalized treatment plans and making a positive impact on individuals' lives.

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natalie herradon clinical therapist and compliance officer of regis house inc in miami florida

Natalie Herradon, LMHC

Compliance Officer

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Jessica Tagliarini Human Resources and Intake Coordinator at regis house inc miami florida

Jessica Tagliarini

Human Resources / Intake Coordinator

Jessica Tagliarini is the Executive Assistant and Human Resources Manager at Regis House, Inc. Her strong organizational skills and attention to detail contribute to the efficient operation of the organization. Jessica's expertise in Human Resources Management ensures the well-being of the staff and adherence to employment regulations. She actively supports the executive team and plays a vital role in maintaining a positive work environment.

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