Regis House Has Been Serving the Community Since 1984

Regis House, Inc. was founded in Miami Florida on May of 1984 by Father Francisco Perez-Lerena to help Regis House's first patient Kelvin Minnick after he struggled to find a drug treatment center in Miami that would admit him.

The Drug Epidemic of the 1980s

Miami became the center of the Drug Epidemic in the United States in the 1980s which grew to be an overwhelming problem for the community and government at all levels. The actions taken by Father Perez Lerena at was a step towards aliviating the problem Miami's underserve communities were facing with crack cocaine making a debut and heroin addiction numbers increasing at alarming numbers.

Mobilizing The People

Father Perez-Lerena began organizing and mobilizing his network. He called on volunteers to help him. Together, they began to build Regis House, a drug prevention and treatment center. Slowly, they raised money, awareness and more volunteers to grow the organization. They built community, life. They gathered for weekly masses and potlucks. They organized working sessions to plan radio marathons, raffles and gala luncheons. He knitted together friends, parishioners, the Belen community, concerned citizens, politicians, parents, students --any one who would listen -- to work together to help care for our community’s children. People listened. People responded. Together, he led them in building Regis House.

Regis House Today -

Today Regis House continues to serve the community with the same intensity and courage that Fr. Francisco Pérez-Lerena started with. Father Pedro Suarez continues to practice the same values as his predecessor as our city grows into a cosmopolitan center in which we are constantly helping those in need such as immigrants, children, and low income families. While Father Pedro Suarez continues to be a Board of Directors member, he is no longer the president of Regis House. Manuel E. Menendez III whose first job was with Regis House, Inc. under Fr. Francisco Pérez-Lerena is now the President of Regis House, Inc.

On April of 2018 Father Pedro Suarez of Regis House, Inc. was recognized by the Miami-Dade County Office of the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners for the labor of Love that Regis House takes on every year of providing mental health and substance abuse counseling for the people who otherwise would not have the resources available to them. Regis House, Inc. continues to grow and offers Therapy Sessions, After School Care, Help with Government Forms such as the SNAP Program for Underpowered Communities, Famailies, Teenagers, and the LGBTQ Plus Community.