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Family Therapy/Individual Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling: 

The Family Therapy Services offered at Regis House are structured; scientific sessions which follow the empirical, evidenced based therapeutic model Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT™).  BSFT™ uses a strategy of focused interventions that improve problematic family relations and skill-building strategies in order to provide youth and their families with the tools needed to decrease individual and family risk factors. Individual therapy addressing mental health issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, unresolved loss and grief, as well as issues of substance abuse, is also available. These services are designed to offer support and foster a sense of family through community awareness and family interventions. 
Improved Community Control Groups:

This intensive intervention program targets adolescents ages 17 and younger, providing re-offense prevention services to youth who are already involved in the Juvenile Justice System.  Youth participate in group therapy, as well as an individual session, and case management services.  Family therapy is provided as needed.  Program participants are classified as adjudicated delinquents or have had adjudication withheld, and are under the supervision of the Juvenile Court and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Community Control Program. This curriculum based program uses Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®) and other Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches that are designed to target issues specific to an offender population and has been proven to increase offenders' moral reasoning, decrease dropout rates, increase life purpose and reduce antisocial thinking and behavior. 
Family Empowerment Program:

This diversion program targets adolescents between the ages of 14-17, with presenting problems that include, but are not limited to, drug use, legal involvement, and/or conduct problems.  Services are offered in a group setting and parents are required to actively participate.  The program utilizes two best practices curriculums, The Nurturing Program and the MET/CBT based Cannabis Youth Treatment Series. For this program, youth must be referred by the Juvenile Service Department Delinquency Prevention Services (DPS), or Post-Arrest Diversion Program (PAD).

Admission criteria:

(Varies by program, please contact our office for specific criteria)
Children under 18, presenting with or at-risk for mental health or substance abuse disorders.   Parent/legal guardian must be present.  Family participates in a psychosocial evaluation to determine specific needs, as well as strengths. 
Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients, and are provided by Master’s level clinicians or licensed practitioners.

POP-Positive Option Programs:

The program is designed to increase drug and alcohol awareness, help develop the ability to make healthier decisions, and promote positive options to substance abuse. The strategies use d build protective factors in youth, reflecting the 40 developmental Assets for youth framework, identified by the Search Institute. The program serves approximately 80 low income-at-risk children from Melrose Elementary and 45 low-income at-risk children from Citrus Grove Elementary.

  • Citrus Grove Elementary School:

Citrus Grove Elementary School Out-of-School Program is sponsored by the City of Miami, and Jarden Consumer Solutions, Inc., serving approximately 45 children every school year. In this program, students are able to demonstrate knowledge gained from Prevention/social competence sessions, increase knowledge in self-awareness of illegal drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse, and ultimately gain positive attitudes toward resisting peer pressure.  The POP program also provide students with the requisite of the learning element components such as reading and arithmetic skill sessions through tutoring and reading evaluations, combined with physical activities. Age, and grade groups classify the participants and it involves school personnel and parents in the overall programming.  The POP Program is in high demand and continues to become a preferred after school program amongst parents, and school administrators.

  • Melrose Elementary School:

The Children’s Trust funds Regis Houses After school program at Melrose Elementary to provide Literacy enhancement, social skills development and Physical fitness to approximately 80 children every year in grades 3-5, who are attending or residing in the Melrose community. Structure activities are homework assistance, pro-social activities, reading enhancement, recreational activities, and field trips to area cultural attractions.

LST-Life Skills Training Program:

Regis House provides Life Skills training program at Redland Middle School, to (245) students who are at risk and of low income. The LST curriculum is provided during the school day, and occurs during health/science class, which is a required course. The LST consists of the three major components that cover the critical domains found to promote drug use, drug resistance skills, personal management skills, and general social skills. The students are ages 11-15, in grades 7-8. Regis House also links families to appropriate community resources as needed and work with the community to provide information to families. 

HOP-Healthy Outreach Program:

This program is a collaborative effort with DCF-Department of Children & Families-serving Circuit 11 and is funded by DHS-Department of Human Services.  The target client population for this program is 425 clients per calendar year and the program has surpassed the goal by serving over 1,400 clients every year.

Lifeline Program-Liberty City and Brownville Communities:

This program is sponsored by The Children Trust.  Regis House, Inc. is a partner/collaborator providing case management and outreach services to clients in the Liberty City and Brownsville neighborhoods.  The goals is to serve 100 clients per calendar year, ages 16-19 and are referred to us by Drew Middle, Brownsville Middle, Northwestern, and Allaphattah Middle Schools.

Contact Information:

Natalie Herradon, MS - Outpatient Services
(305) 642-7600 ext. 201 Fax: (305) 642-689
South Office: Adolescent and Family Center
(305) 254-1928 Fax: (305) 254-1757

Manny Fraga, Jr., CEO
(305) 642-7600 ext. 210

Antonio Anguiano, LCSW - Dir. Clinical Services
(305) 642-7600                                                                      


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