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Become a Volunteer at Regis House

Our Volunteers provide a great social and economic benefit to the communities we serve. People across the age spectrum are giving of their time, skills and talents to help improve the lives of others. As a volunteer, you help to fill critical voids within the infrastructures of the communities we serve.

We provide several programs that assist in improving the lives of the people we serve. Our volunteers assist with programs that help children with their homework. We speak to youth and teens about career development, mentoring, coaching and about careers paths. We strive to provide needed community assistance in areas of need.

Regis House Activities:
Life Skills
Tutoring and Homework Assistance
Educational Training
Coaching Sports Activities
Conversations with teens on issues and their futures
Girl Talk – Conversation about things that affect girls
Hang Time - Conversation about things that affect boys
Career Night - fundamentals of writing a resume  
Balancing a Checkbook
Special Projects
Fundraising Events

Special Projects:
Assist with special projects  ranging from helping with mail outs such as our newsletter to conducting computer
classes in either Spanish or English.

Some of the following items are activities with which we often need help:
- Photography
- Graphic design
- Painting
- Carpentry for occasional office repairs, including electrical, plumbing, painting
- General office work
- Manning the Telephones for Events


Our three main fundraising events are the Radio Marathon, New Lives Gala Luncheon and Social Ties. These events often require lots of preparation and planning as well as hands-on assistance during the day of the event. Some of the duties the volunteers can assist with for these events include recruiting, business sponsorships, securing prizes, manning phones, and events promotion.


Becoming a Volunteer at Regis House is easy and rewarding. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Regis House please contact Regi House Volunteer and Community Relations at: 305-642-7600 or by email at:











Get Involved with Regis House.

Getting involved with Regis House has its rewards. Your participation is important and valuable to the people and communities we serve.

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