Kelvin Minnick

Fr. Francisco Pérez-Lerena, S.J. lived on planet Earth for 33,813 days during which the community learned about his greatness. It was the late 80s and early 90s as he was doing everything he could to address the drug epidemic consuming his city. Prior to that, Fr. Lerena had been the leader of Jesuit priests in the Antilles (1974-79) and the rector of Belen Jesuit (1980-83), back when the prep school was based in Little Havana.

In 1984, as a parish priest in Downtown Miami, he was moved by the plight of Kelvin Minnick who came to confession. The priest struggled to find a drug treatment for the young man. A year after starting Regis House, Inc. Fr. Francisco P. Lerena received a letter from Kelvin’s mother notifying that Kelvin had passed away. “I thank you, and thank God for you.” The week of Kelvin’s death he told us how much he loved you and how you helped him,” said Kelvin’s mother.

Instead of being discouraged, this moment further clarified the importance of the agency’s mission. Father Lerena pressed on ever since that day to see that Regis House, Inc. makes a significant difference in the community.

For 34 Years, Regis House, Inc. has provided support free of charge to over 70,000 residents of Miami-Dade County to improve lives through Family Support, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse services. We are able to continue our mission through the support of generous donors, grants and special events.

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